Here are some important points you may want to know.

Who are you and how did you start drawing?

My name is Katherine and I am from the United States. I have always enjoyed creating things, but art didn’t really take off for me until my preteen years. When I was in middle school, my friends doodled a lot. I watched them create cute little cartoons and it looked fun so I joined in too. I began filling up sketchbooks with ideas for stories and snippets from everyday life. In junior high, high school and college, I took classes and learned about art in every way that I could. I went on to study the more classic styles of drawing realistically and (mainly) grew out of the cartoon phase that I began with. I enjoyed learning about art history and new techniques, and to this day I am always seeking to learn and create in new ways. In Salt Lake City, I studied Visual Design with an emphasis on Graphic Design. There I learned through both traditional and digital media, and in 2018 I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with High Honors. Today, I continue to draw for enjoyment as well as for work, and I find it one of the most fulfilling parts of my life.

How does a custom commission work?

Contact me via email at kataustudios@gmail.com to get a quote on something unique. You’ll then be contacted by the email you provide to get more information on your custom commission.  I will ask you to provide a reference photo or multiple reference photos, and discuss your ideas with you to get exactly what you’re looking for. I always make a point to treat the subject matter with respect, especially if it is to memorialize someone who has passed away.

Once I start the sketch, I can show you the sketch via email or messenger and give you one opportunity to make any changes before I start refining the drawing. After this point, any additional changes will incur additional fees. I will post pictures of the progress and final product on my websites and social media and use them for advertising, unless you explicitly ask me to keep yours private. After the drawing is complete, I will sign it and ship it to you! Woohoo! There are no refunds for finished custom drawings, and I will respectfully not accept projects that depict objectionable subject matter, at my discretion.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Simple, small items such as stickers and prints may arrive much faster: if they are in stock they can arrive within the USA in mere days. Custom commissions will have unique turnaround times of their own, depending on the complexity of the drawings. It is safe to expect a full custom portrait drawing to take multiple weeks.

Can I return an item?

If your item is a custom art piece or if it has a custom message written for you, it cannot be returned. If your item is a sticker or a print without any special messages, please email me at kataustudios@gmail.com and we can coordinate a return. Shipping fees will apply.